How To Stay Ahead of the Competition

  • Know our Customers
  • Know the Market
  • Be Different
  • Upgrade Factory Facilities, Capabilities and Systems
  • Update Company Image
  • Look After the Existing Customers
  • Work as Partners with Valuable Customers
  • Creative, Innovative, Keep Pace with the World Trend
  • Look to the Future

Product Quality

All levels of Management are responsible for Quality Control through the Quality Management System that always seeks for improvement by consistently and constantly review with suppliers and sub-contractors who are encouraged with more orders if same goal/direction is set/achieved under their co-operation. The Company is committed to satisfy customers’ need by using the quality procedures that meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 9001.

All our products are QC passed with defect/return rate of electronics muffs less than 0.5% over the past 35 years.