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We Aim To Protect Your Ears!

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We Aim To Protect Your Ears!


For more than 24 years, we have been designing and manufacturing radio headsets and offering comprehensive support to our loyal customers.  They appreciate the fact that our team of 20 engineers creates 20 new products each year to keep them updated with changing trends.


Our product lineup includes radio headsets and RF wireless headsets ideal for drivers, pilots, sports, enthusiasts, lecturers and industrial workers.  These are divided into:


· Basic Hearing Protection Earmuff

· Hearing Protection Earmuff with AM/FM Radio

· Hearing Protection Earmuff with Active Noise Cancellation AM/FM Radio

· Digital Hearing Protection Headphone

· Professional Hearing Protection Hunting (Shooting) Earmuff

· Multi-Functional Protection Headphone

· Deluxe Style Headphone

· Sporty Headset for Enjoyment & Games

· Premium & Promotional Headset

· Wireless Headphone

· Neckband Radio